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"Our vision is to create a community of hope and healing, where individuals and families in transition can find the support and resources they need to achieve self-sufficiency and independence, and where seniors and persons with disabilities can live with dignity and independence."

Details on what we do?

Transitional housing provides temporary accommodation for individuals or families in a state of transition, such as those who are homeless, fleeing domestic violence, or recovering from addiction. The goal of transitional housing is to provide a safe and stable environment for people to live in while they work towards finding permanent housing and addressing any underlying issues that may have contributed to their homelessness.

On the other hand, independent living is a housing option for individuals who can live independently but may require some support or assistance with daily living activities. Independent living communities or facilities often provide amenities such as meals, housekeeping, and transportation and may also offer on-site health care services for residents. These communities are designed for seniors, people with disabilities, and people who can no longer live alone safely.

Features of Transitional Living and Independent Living

Transitional Living:

  • Temporary housing for individuals or families in transition, such as homeless or fleeing domestic violence.
  • Supportive services include counseling, job training, and assistance finding permanent housing.
  • Time-limited stay, typically 6-24 months, to provide a bridge to self-sufficiency.
  • Staff supervision and support to help residents address underlying issues that may have contributed to their homelessness.
  • Curfews, rules, and regulations to maintain the safety and security of the residence

Independent Living:

  • Permanent housing options for seniors, persons with disabilities, or those no longer able to live alone safely.
  • Amenities such as meals, housekeeping, and transportation.
  • On-site health care services, such as assisted living, are available for residents.
  • Community activities and events to promote socialization and engagement.
  • Staff support for daily living activities, if needed.
  • Safety and security measures are in place to ensure the well-being of the residents.
  • Option for private or shared accommodation
  • Option for furnished or unfurnished accommodation
  • Option for long-term or short-term stay.
"Providing independent living and transitional housing can improve the lives of individuals and families in need and bring long-term benefits to the community as a whole."

There are many benefits to providing independent living and transitional housing to people in need.

Some of these benefits include:

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